I’m Back, Behbeh.

Hey guys!

The tablet’s fixed,

(I’ll do a follow-up post on that later) and I just finished a huge copy-editing job! It was an entire dang novel with only about a week to the deadline, (on top of a several double shifts at my normal job to boot) but it was for a friend so I powered through. I now have no concept of night and day, but hey, yolo. 😜 I’ve got another lined up as well, but the pressure is a bit less.


Listening to: the Fratellis and Franz Ferdinand radio stations on Google play, anything by Philip Glass, and the relaxing, ‘not-the-creepy-excorcist’ kind of Gregorian chanting. It’s actually great for meditation and masking my tinnitus when I’m trying to sleep. I just love the idea of a bunch of monks in a choir going: “Guys. Let’s mix our ancient holy chants with harp music and waterfall sounds so millennials can meditate to it.” (monks fistpump and freezefame as they all jump into the air, robes swirling at their ankles) “Yeah!” 

Watching: Knightfall on Netflix (well, technically just finished it), Lethal Weapon, The Rookie, and a few relatively clean comedy animes. 

Addicted to: Milano cookies. They’re amazing. 

They’re like snooty, delicate Oreos for adults. I just hate sticking to the socially-acceptable count of two. I always want a third, but that feels greedy. If I have just one–HA! What am I saying? (raspy rage-filled Batman voice) There is no such thing. πŸ˜‘ 

Reading: I’m currently between books and haven’t had a lot of time to search for something new, but I am positively crazy about tiny house blogs right now. My brother really wants to build one, and my family has a tiny house of sorts that we vacation/caravan in (we built it from scratch 😊 I’ll see if I can scrounge up some ‘before and after’ pictures for a future post) so I’m always interested in how other people design and decorate theirs. I’ve even seen a company on Etsy that has a flat pack/IKEA-style tiny house for only around $4500!! (If anyone here has one of these, I’d be interested in seeing if it really is as high-quality as the company claims)

Also: My awesome buddy, artist and writer Arthur Short, has started a YouTube show called How to Draw Creepy Creatures! Check it out! It’s amazing. He has a great relationship with his viewers, and honors nearly every lesson request! His only rule is that he teaches lessons on traditional mythical creatures and cryptids, not pop-culture monsters (although he is considering doing that for Patreon supporters). When has has a request for a pop-culture monster, like Slenderman, he does the earliest known version if it, or finds a loophole of some kind to tie it in. My favorite was when he did the Melusine, a.k.a., the REAL Starbucks mermaid! πŸ˜±πŸ€—  Also, this November he’s doing all Native American myths, to honor, among their many other contributions to our society, when they saved our ancestors in the winter of 1609-1610. 

Well, probably not my ancestors, as–with the possible exception of one guy who came here, married a nice Native  American girl, then bride and all sailed back to England because they realized colonial America sucked–most of my ancestors came here around the 1800 mark, but potato/patato.

Also also:  October’s and November’s Book of the Month posts are coming soon! Yay! Grab a cup of hot apple cider and curl up in a nice warm blanket. πŸ˜ŠπŸ“š

Happy fall, y’all!


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