Five Second Wisdom: Sun Tzu (b. 545 BC, d. 470 BC)

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” — Sun Tzu

I try not to dilute these segments with my own opinions, but if you are into psychology or even just interested in the nature of human interaction in general, do yourself a favor and read Sun Tzu’s masterpiece, The Art of War.

Written by a Chinese general 2000+ years ago, this (relatively short) book was intended simply for guiding soldiers in combat and strategy, but the majority of the advice given could apply to any social situation, from a controlling boss to a frenemy. It’s practically a handbook on how to deal with difficult people–well, other than the “war” part 😁 that obviously must be taken metaphorically–and is often required reading in many different paths of study, from psychology degrees to business courses!



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