What the What #11 : A Year Has Passed (since I wrote my note…)

image credit: malsfoodporn.blogspot.com

(sorry about the Police reference. couldn’t resist.)

Conversation with my brother:

Me: You know, I’ve had this blog for over a year and I’ve only posted to the Grey Matters section and the Armchair Traveler Section–

Brother: Yeah?

Me: –and never once to the cooking section or the crafts section. Nothin’. Zilch. Nada.

Brother: They don’t know they dodged a bullet.

Me: Shut up!

Got any cooking or crafting fails? I once accidentally dumped an entire fruit glaze and cream icebox pie into an open kitchen utensil drawer, so no judgement from me XD



  1. Siblings give it to us straight, don’t they?

    My cooking fails – well, the most recent, anyway. I made a crockpot lasagna. I ran out of Italian-type cheese, so I dumped in a bag of … sharp white cheddar. I mean, maybe a nice Italian boy and a great girl from Wisconsin could fall in love and make a family, but Italian cooking and midwest cheddar don’t make a great marriage for the taste buds.

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    • Wow! Cheddar…that’s a bold choice, but I love the determination that was behind it. Crockpot lasagna sounds pretty good though–I may have a new recipe next time I make dinner! (minus the cheddar XD ) I once used ARTIFICIAL mozzarella cheese for lasagna by mistake. It was terrible. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as fake mozzarella. Now I know, so lessons were learned that day.


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