A Bad Knee and a Breath of Fresh Air

Right now I’m laid up on a chair outside with a pack of ice and a laptop. Why, you ask? Because 20-something years of being an idiot and acting invincible takes it’s toll. Now my knee is a bit pissed off with me.

I injured it slightly-ish a year or two ago while getting into a kayak, but it healed up reasonably. The thing is, my housekeeping jobs have really ramped up lately, so on the one hand, yay, more business=more money, but the downside is that all the kneeling, squatting, and climbing up and down all those stairs a bagillion times a day has re-started things. It flares up every once in a while, but lately it’s happened a bit too often for comfort (pun very much indended), so I took a day off to heal and pout.

Now I’m thinking of all the things I can’t do right now, in a very ‘Michael Scott-breaking-up-with-Pam’s-mom-on-her-birthday’ sort of way…no running, no nature walks, no yoga, no beaches, no nuthin’. What if I want to hike the Appalachian Trail? Or take those surfing lessons I’ve always wanted to? How am I supposed to go to a foreign country and build a school for orphaned nuns? And I always wanted to learn MMA…What if I get invited to go skydiving with Chuck Norris tomorrow? There’s no way to politely decline a skydiving invitation from Chuck Norris…maybe a fruit basket.

So many valid possibilities, wasted. Well, two of those options were just jokes, but hey…Chuck might lift that restraining order. Who knows?

On the up-upside?

I had a lot of time to think. I want to deepen my writing skills, and help others to do so, as well. I’m currently working on a website to do just that: offer free, practical advice for new freelance bloggers and writers, as well as a platform for them to publish guest posts and bulk up their CVs and portfolios. I’m still working on it, but there will be badges for your blogs and LinkedIn profiles, a leads directory of websites taking paid guest submissions, an exclusive forum for members only, and a ton more perks, for free.

Sound good? Any suggestions? Even though I started this in early march, it’s got a long way to go, as I want to do this in a professional style and am thus saving up a budget to pay for hosting, etc., but when it’s all set up, you are all invited to join! ^-^

PS. This isn’t an affiliated suggestion, just me: Udemy is having a HUGE sale on their online certificate courses! I’ve signed up for about five hundred dollars’-worth of blogging and freelancing courses for only $11.99 each! The sale ends 3/28, 11:59 p.m. PDT., though, so act quickly.

See you later, Space Cadets!

Note: they extended the sale so I put the new end date in the paragraph above. Kisses!


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