Peeking Pup

About a week and a half or so ago, my dog had to have a minor surgery🙁…then my cat died😢…it was a long week. On the upside, my dog worked hard on cheering me up by acting like a complete dork in his don’t-nibble-your-stitches-cone. He’s a big guy, so his cone was enormous; he bumped into things constantly, even cracking it on the second day! You could always tell where in the house he was based on which direction the crashing sounds were coming from. We were able to take it off of him for good the day before yesterday, to his relief, but…I kind of miss it. He was so cute, and he was so darn proud of himself, as just the day before he’d learned how to jump onto the couch with it on!

I mean…look at this guy:

“Hi. Welcome to the couch. Pease take this off of me…
Yes, I do indeed look like like a giant flower. Now pease take this off. Seriously.

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