Tablet Woes and My Technology Curse

The good news: I get to try my diy skills at replacing a touchscreen digitzer! Yay! New life skills! So fun! 

The bad news: I have to do this because I’m an idiot.
The other good news: It shouldn’t cost me more than ten bucks or so for the kit on ebay, plus the price of an anti-static bracelet or surface (is there a diy way to do that as well? I wonder…).

The crazy thing was that I was planning to make a funny post in the form of an ode to my tablet, and how it’s managed to evade all of the ill effects of my Technology Curse…you know; the one where, no matter how careful I am with my tech, something dreadful always happens to it, usually within a year? As in, burned out sound cards, fizzled hard drives, screwy monitors, deleted files, kooky viruses, and funky accidents–including one in which I literally set a laptop on fire? You know: That one. 

Well, it seems that even my cute little Nextbook, durable though it was, could not withstand this walking technological calamity for long. All it took was a breath of air and a light brush of my shirt as I passed by for it to skim off of the notepad on my bed and slide happily to the floor without even a bounce.

I knew before I even picked it up that the screen was cracked. I’d just been too lucky; there was obviously some kind of cosmic price to pay for such a good streak. Call it woman’s intuition, call it self-fulfilling prophecy, but I’d actually been dreading the thought of my tablet cracking for the past week, much in the same way that Lassie knows that sh*t’s about to go down at that well, but doesn’t know what that brat Little Timmy has up his sleeve. 

I tested it out…as long as it worked, I didn’t care if it looked bad. Unfortunately, it didn’t let me do anything more than wake it up via the power button; anything that required using the touchscreen was a no-go. It even kept typing when I wasn’t touching it, then eventually stopped registering anything at all from the touchscreen. 

After a soothing rendition of my personal Five Stages of Grief in what could be described as E minor, I realized that this was probably going to be OK; by a stroke of Providence, I’d become fascinated by the way touchscreens worked last year and had researched the ever living crap out of it, so I remembered that I’d seen people fix this very problem. Hopefully, I can, too…πŸ€“πŸ˜‚ Worst case scenario, it’s a relatively inexpensive tablet, so I can save up and replace it if it doesn’t work out. I’m kind of looking forward to the challenge!

I’ve been writing this week’s posts from my phone while I get things straightened out, but it’s a bit tricky at times, so I may not be able to stick to my three/four post minimum for the momentπŸ˜…. Oh, well. At least I have time to work on the next book of the month. πŸ€—πŸ“š (be prepared to be thoroughly scare-ified.πŸ˜±πŸ‘Ή)

What do YOU think? Got any good tech stories like this one? Have you ever done your own repairs, especially with digitzers/touchscreens? Advice would be great right now πŸ˜‚

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