My Mixtape Thinks I Need Some Help and It May Be Right.

I use a bunch of streaming services to listen to music. Because I listen to some genres on some stations, and different genres on others, every station I use thinks I’m a different person. To complicate things even further, I’ve been music-genre-hopping as of late, so as a result my ‘suggested songs’ stations are pretty screwed up. A couple of patterns in my recent listening habits have emerged lately. I think even the FBI guy who monitors me must have noticed them by now…

Listening Pattern a): The Usual Suspects

I often start with David Bowie, then move on to CCR, then to the Sex Pistols, to Nirvana, to the Ramones, to The Hives, to Royal Blood, to Them Crooked Vultures, to a bit of Wolfmother, to the Fratellis, to Arctic Monkeys, to the Black Keys, to a bit of The White Stripes, to the Dead Weather, to to The Civil Wars, to Shovels and Rope, to Barnes Courtney, back to The White Stripes (even though I’m a bit over them), to Paul McCartney, to the Beatles, to Dvorak, to Brahms, to Strauss, to Beethoven, to Chopin, to Vivaldi, to Mozart, to 2Cellos, to Dallas String Quartet, to Lindsey Stirling (not too much or I start to go insane), to BIGBANG, to Shakira, to Imagine Dragons, to AWOL Nation, to various Norwegian EDM musicians (the names of whom escape me), then to Twenty Øne Piløts for the nearly the rest of the day (because, hello, it’s Twenty Øne Piløts), then finally, a bit more of David Bowie.

Listening Pattern b): Language ‘Learning’

Sad French/Spanish music, mainly Charles Aznavour (a bit ridiculous, really, as my knowledge of both languages doesn’t really go further than ordering croissants, reading fancy warning labels, and complaining about the weather). Then, that reminds me of the fact that he was obsessed with languages.

I feel guilty about neglecting my own language studies, so I change it to BIGBANG, a Korean hiphop/EDM/pop group. I’m attempting to learn Korean, and it helps to hear pronunciations. This music really confuses me though, because they often randomly switch languages mid-song, so it goes from Korean to Japanese to English!

I then change it to T.O.P. (because out of all of the members of that group he’s a better rapper anyway, and not to mention, his voice is really deep so it’s a nice change), then my streaming service decides that I might need some help, so it drops in and plays Imagine Dragons (a nice diversion). Eventually, I get tired of even trying to translate the K-pop I keep coming back to, so I just put on Twenty Øne Piløts like I wanted to all along. Then the station decides to really shake things up a bit and randomly plays oldies, then PSY (even though I hardly ever even listen to PSY).

Listening Pattern c): Eighties is Alive and Well

Dead or Alive, to Duran Duran, to Adam and the Ants (their old stuff, not the weird new stuff), to A Flock of Seagulls, to Boy George (not a really a big fan but it keeps popping up), to Prince (he’s incredibly underrated as a guitarist!), to David Bowie, to Michael Jackson, to Cindi Lauper, to INXS, plus anything and everything that was played on Stranger Things.

There are more, but I can’t remember half of them, honestly. It’s more that I generally know what song is playing from a specific era, and the details about it, but only when I’m listening to it.

Now take all of that, throw in a few show tunes, some thirties swing, old southern rhythm and blues, seventies funk, plenty of coarse modern folk, a dash of fem-rock, occasional Tibetan throat-singing (oh, yes, I went through that phase), 1970’s-1990’s rock, and some fantasy movie soundtracks, and you can imagine the total chaos that is going on here.

To each streaming company, I’m a different person…but now my ‘secret identities’ are beginning to bleed into one another. It’s just too much for my stations to handle; they just can’t keep up!

I feel a bit bad for the poor things. It’s not their fault that I am a such a weird little music chameleon.

They really are doing the best they can. 😂

What are YOUR favorite genres to listen to? What do you have to listen to, and what can you definitely do without? Do you find that sometimes you listen in a pattern?

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