Death Metal

Hey there!

So here’s a little something about myself.

I can’t listen to death metal, at least not often. Is it awesome? Sure. Is the guitar playing incredible, and the drumming, tight? Hell yeah.

The only thing is the singing. Those people just belt out the most intense, distorted screams. I know they visit their ENT doctors faithfully, I know they warm up, and I know they drink plenty of tea with honey, like any soprano would before an aria. I know all of this, yet when I hear those raspy voices, I can’t help but imagine their poor, scarred, vocal polyps exploding out of their throats in a shower of blood and thirty-five-year-old’s angst. I mean, my throat hurts just thinking about it. (sorry if that was a little detailed…)

I recently attempted to explain this to a metalhead.

This was a mistake. Now, I am being bombarded with these: (I think they’re trying to convert me…)

This really confuses me more than sways me.

Your thoughts are appreciated.



    • Nah, only in that hypothetical situation where a throat explodes…I was just messing 😋 death metal does often touch on some pretty deep/intense themes lyrically and in terms of showmanship, but it’s part of the experience. When one creates any kind of art, I’m sure some sentiments can be reflected in it subconsciously every once in a while, but metalheads themselves actually seem to be quite cheerful people, at least the ones I know 🙂

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