What the What #7: To Eggnog or Not to Eggnog, That is the the Question

Well, it has begun.

American stores are now selling Eggnog, the sugary, spicy, sweet, creamy, popular Christmas dairy drink, right in the milk aisle. It’s barely October.

I am now at an impasse. I can turn up my nose like a sensible person, and continue on with my day. Perhaps I’ll purchase a protein drink; yes, that would be respectable.


I can buy ten gallons of the stuff and put it in my coffee all day like the demented sugar demon I am, and freeze the rest so I can have Christmas in the middle of July like a boss AND NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME BECAUSE I AM OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE.

So…what did you do today?

Okay not ten gallons. Like a quart. Or two. And I did get that protein drink so I’m sure it’ll all even out someway or another.


    • So strange! Go ahead and make it, you’ll love it! Its a bit like hot, spiced iced cream, if that makes sense. Some people like to add a bit of rum or brandy to it, but we like it straight and a bit warm. You guys have a lot of cool Christmas traditions, too! I’m half British, so whenever my British relatives visited during winter when I was a kid, my mom would somehow manage to find a real Christmas pudding–she lit it on fire with the brandy, and everything! (Although we generally serve it with plain home made whipped cream, as clotted cream is a bit hard to find sometimes) Bear in mind, this was waaaaaaay before we got BBC America, so most people here had never even heard of it. We like to serve it to our American relatives when they visit now, because they get a kick out of it. 😊

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