Five Second Wisdom: Socrates (b. 470 BC, d. 399 BC)

He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.” –Socrates


    • Thanks, glad you liked it! Socrates was a weird dude; he would follow people around all day, like a little kid, and repeatedly ask pretty much one question… “Why?”. It’s now called the Socratic Method. And, yes, this did really annoy people, so much so that when the Roman Empire’s regime changed during his career, as it tended to, he fell even further out of political and public favor, and was arrested for treason. They sentenced him to die by being locked in a cell with only a bottle of poison to drink from, but for a short window of time he had the option to banish himself from the Roman Empire. Despite the urging of his students, he chose death. Many believe his did this to annoy people, too! Despite his eccentric behavior, he certainly did gain a level of insight into the lives of the every day people around him as a result of his constant pestering!

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