What the What? #5: Bess…

Me: Oh, my old Nancy Drew books! Maybe I’ll read them again. *Picks one up*

Two hours later:

Nancy: We’ll go check it out and you wait here in the car, as you’re so irrationally afraid of those vicious freaking guard dogs, Bess. You just try not to eat all the food.

George: Yeah, Bess, lol.

Me: Nancy WTH? It says Bess is ‘slightly plump’, not carried around with a forklift. Quit acting like a jerk and ganging up on her. She’s beautiful just the way she is. She’s a strong, beautiful, independent woman who–

Bess: *Eats all the food*

Me: Bess.

Nancy and George returning: Haha, you ate all the food! Just like we said you would!

Me: Bess honey, you need to work with me here.

Note: obviously, the quotes here were changed slightly for emphasis. I don’t think Nancy went around saying ‘freaking guard dogs’. Perhaps she should have?

P.S. I used the image of a search rather than the normal cover because it looked a little more chaotic to me. Fits, right? The edition I read was the first cover to the top left.

What do YOU think? Did you ever read Nancy Drew as a kid? If so, which ones, the older ones from the thirties and forties, or the ones from the eighties (I read both)? Which was your favorite, or least favorite?


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