So Here’s Why I Didn’t Post Early This Morning:

The previous night…

9:00 pm: “OK, I’ll just get my post done, then hang out and read…HEY!” (one cat repeatedly bites my toe for attention.)

9:40 pm: “Toby, stop biting. Stop. Stop!

10:00 pm: “Wow, this is taking a little longer than I thought…Hi, kitties.” (Cats have now jumped onto the bed and have curled up next to me on the pillow)

10:35 pm: “I have to do this over. This isn’t detailed enough.” (Dog steps on me. He, too, is on the bed, but he is enormous and inconvenienced by my muttering and the tablet’s glow.)

11:00 pm: (Gentle weeping. It is my own.)

11:23 pm: “At least I’m being thorough, and, I’m nice and comfy, the dog’s asleep, and the cats are quiet…Now I have to pee.” (weeping resumes.)

11:40 pm: Jeez, it’s late…but at least it’s not technically morning.

12:00 am: Well, it’s morning now, but after 12:00, time doesn’t even count right? ( I stop to think of every scary story I’ve ever heard and imagine that the monsters and ghost girls all want to kill me, specifically.)

12:40 am: At least it isn’t 1:00.

1:00 am: At least is isn’t 1:15.

1:15 am: I’m nearly finished…if this STUPID TABLET WOULD JUST LOAD THE DANG–oh there we go. Now we’re talking! This is great! I’m so close! I’m a genius!

1:20 am: This is crap. Must…redo.

1:35 am: So…tired…

2:00 am: Wow, it’s 2:00. I gotta finish…I’ll hold my tablet up over my head so I can’t fall asleep.

2:04 am: (Tablet slips from my fully extended and upright arms. I wake up, because I was, to clarify, asleep like this. Like a ninja, I catch the tablet with one hand, before it hits my head. I fling out my other hand for balance, and smack my cat square in the face. Very hard. She sits up in shock. I look at her. She looks at me. There is a quiet understanding between us.)

“I think it’s time to turn in, don’t you?”

Note: The post I was working on at the time of this particular little drama will be finished soon, don’t worry. As it’s a list of useful photography apps (spoiler!) I’m just trying to make sure my facts are right, and so I’m creating examples to compare quality and features. The featured image is an experiment with one of those apps, in fact. It was originally a simple photo! I’ll reveal the app I used and more examples I created in the upcoming article.

Do you guys ever stay up to finish a post? I was trying to meet my self-imposed deadline. I was a bit frantic because I usually schedule my posts early, but had pushed it to the last day. Do you post early, or whenever the whim takes you? What are your deadlines (if any)?


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