How I Feel About Affiliate links, Bought Traffic, and Paid Posts

A lot of people I see these days are talking about monetizing their blogs.

Some people are against the idea. They feel that it’s cheating, or that it takes from the purity of the author’s intentions. When this is abused, I have to agree.

Do I think that they’re all evil? That all of them are just trying to make a quick buck?

Of course not. Hell to the no! Heck to the nuh-uh. The way I see it, if you’re really putting in the time to create meaningful posts your readers will connect with and benefit from, then why shouldn’t you earn money from it? I think that’s actually pretty cool, and besides; Bloggers need to eat, too, you know. I say, more power to you!

Would I be up for it given the chance?

Sure, someday!

Right now, though, I’d like to keep things organic. At more than 150 followers so far, (all thanks to you guys being wonderful you!) we’ve come such a long way, in a pretty short time, all on our own. No fancy schmancy SEO stuff (confession: I still can’t explain it to someone if they ask me. I barely understand it myself.), no bought traffic, just hard work, likes, follows and shares. If I ever get to a really big number, like say, a few thousand followers or so (wouldn’t that be rad??), then sure, maybe I’d do a tip jar or Wordads or something like that, but until then…

I think I’d like to do this our way, and see where it takes us. Cool?

Okay, until next time, space explorers!

Keep that positivity flowing!

P.S. Your surprise is still pending. Keep your shirt on!



  1. What I dislike about monetized blogs is that they (mostly) are not part of the community. I’ve had a rash of bloggers whose sole intention is to sell. So, I’ve put a disclaimer on my ‘about me’ page asking them not to follow my blog. If you’re part of the community and you’re also publishing a book, I’m all for supporting those bloggers. But, for the strictly commercial bloggers, no thanks!

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