Not What He Expected (an accidental Marrowbone review)

I originally meant this to be just a short humor post, but after I wrote this, I kind of realized that it was basically an accidental movie review. Please don’t hurt me. K bye.

Hey guys!

Yesterday I had a movie night with my siblings and it was my brother’s turn to pick.

Of course he chose a horror movie, much to my chagrin, but at least it had the guy from Stranger Things (what was his name again? Charlie Heaton? Wheathins? Whatever. All I know is, he’s pretty. To me his only name is Johnathan 🤗) so I gave in.

The move was called Marrowbone. Scary title…

Here’s the cover…

Creepy enough.

It was certainly scary. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it was awesome.

There were twists. And twists within twists. And then, take all of that, and add yet another twist. Although the story took some time to build, the acting was terrific, especially that of George Macay and Kyle Soller, who’s American accent was AMAZING! I didn’t even realize it was him for a moment. (FYI, he played Francis on BBC’S Poldark)

The only thing is, it’s a tear-jerker. The siblings were eerily similar in personality to my siblings and I when we were kids (except for the murderous father, of course–oops! Don’t read that. Just forget it!) and so the characters were a little too relatable. (Yes, I was probably the most like Charlie Wheathin’s character in my day, and no, I’m not angsty like that anymore…if anything I’m kind of considered the ‘peace, love, Jesus, yoga, and meditation’ sheep of the family, now. I even eat kale and tofu. Occasionally…)

Anyway, the movie comes to a bittersweet close. I turn, and here’s my horror-movie-proof, ‘giggled-when-we-watched-‘The Grudge”-and-shouted-“SOFT SERVE!”-at-the-TV-because-he-imagined-the-ghost-girl-in-a-kdrama-and-as-a-result-can-only-see-her-acting-cute-and-haunting-an-aloof-CEO’ brother, whimpering and wiping his eyes.

“What–are you crying?” I said.

“Wha–no…” He stammered, laughingly, “I’m not crying, you’re crying…”

and threw a pillow at me. Viciously, I might add.

I lost it. 😂

What do you think? Have you ever seen Marrowbone? What movies make you cry? Or laugh? Or scream??? BTW, for my Stranger Things fans…Team Johnathan or Camp Steve? (I’m in Camp Steve but only just. Steve is my favorite grown up character but I still ship Johnathan with Nancy)


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